Pfiesteria Lyrics

Revel in the Suck

All songs (except "These Boots Were Made for Walkin") written by P. Lemieux, B. Gould, M. Calvi;

Copyright ©2003 Pfiesteria


1. Not Mopey

2. These Boots Were Made for Walkin'

3. Roadkill

4. Bipolar Psychosis

5. The Ballad of the Happy Face Pipe Bomber (I have a message)

6. Kill the Citizenry

7. Pfiesteria Goes Cow Tipping

8. Metal Fatigue

9. Aggravated

10. 250000 Yellowjackets

11. Resolution

Not Mopey

The title says it all
Well I'm not mopey
But I am dopey
And I don't know what to say
Cause we're supposed to be mopey today
But I'm not mopey
No I'm not
Matter of fact I'm not even slightly mopey right now
I'm just reveling in my suck
We're just kinda stupid
And that suits us just fine
You know we like
Women and wine
But you know we're gonna
Rock the town silly
You know that we're more like
Carter's brother Billy


It's a southern thing
What's that?
Drivin' down the road lookin' out of my window
It might be a bird that got splattered
It might be a deer from last year
I do not wanna clutch it
It looks like roadkill
I do not wanna even touch it
It looks like roadkill
It might be a dog what lost its way
It might be a cat -- well that's OK
It looks like some unrecognizable 4 legged vertebrate
It smells real bad but it ain't no skunk
It might be roadkill
I ain't gonna put it in my trunk
It might be roadkill
Watch out
Some day some hillbilly come around and eat you
It might be in gopher gravy, maybe in o-possum stew
It's yummy
Oh yeah it's roadkill
It's yummy
Oh yeah it's roadkill

The Ballad of the Happy Face Pipe Bomber (I Have a Message)

Remember this idiot
I have a message
That I wanna take to the heart of America
So I thought I'd deliver it
Via pipe bomb and a happy smiling face
Nobody can tell what's wrong with me
But I tell them that it's what God told me to do
But the way that He appears to me
Is obviously different than the rest of you
I just wanna go
On a 3000 mile journey to see how many mailboxes I can blow
I want to give you
A message of hope and joy and blow your face off
In the meantime but that's OK you'll see
And you will not be afraid of death
After you listen to me
And I know that I'm gonna take you to paradise
Where they're all playing God with dice
I got a message
That I wanna take to the heart of America
The land of the free and the home of the brave
I'm not a terrorist, I'm just a sprightly knave
I put a message in there (In your rural mailbox)
That's gonna blow you away &endash; literally (I'm a happy psycho)
There's something in there about the government (I'm a happy psycho)
But that's just a red herring to throw 'em off my scent (I'm a happy psycho)
And off I went
I have a message

Kill the Citizenry

Let's all put our Osama Bin Laden masks on
Kill the citizenry
My God told me to
Kill the citizenry
The God told me to
He lives in my left ear
Tells me things
Tells me to kill citizenry
And I think it's a good thing
I don't know why I do it
Except that's the excuse that I use
I could tell you anything
But that's what I choose
Citizens are so easy to kill
They just stand there
They remind me of cattle
And that's what we're gonna do with them
We don't know why
But we claim that God told us to
If you think we're stupid
You don't have a clue
Cause we've got the power of God on our side
Of course the people coming after us think they got God on their side
Well we're just stupid you know it
We haven't figured it out
But you know we're all gonna
Go up in a big cloud

Metal Fatigue

A bad day
Because I suffer from metal fatigue
I don't know what happened to me
I got crushed just the other day
And now I'm just a pile of corroded shit
I don't know what to do about it
But I think I need another hit
Because I suffer from metal fatigue


The PMS song
You don't wanna come around the house tonite
Cause there's a woman in there that you won't like
She's got flames comin out of her mouth and there's death in her eyes
I didn't do a damn thing to make her feel that way
You know it just must be a one of those days
It'll be all right if I can just hide out 'till morning
I'm so aggravated
So sick and berated
It's gotten me down and I think I wanna be sedated
I'm so aggravated
I just don't want to end up being terminated
I don't know what I did to make it on the list
Was it something I forgot or do I just exist?
It'll be all right if I can just stay out of the way
I'll just take the abuse for a couple of days
I guess that is part of the price you pay
I just wanna getta warning when she lowers the boom on me
I'm so aggravated
So sick and berated
Like Joey Ramone I think I wanna be sedated
I'm so aggravated
I just don't want to end up being terminated

250,000 Yellowjackets

A little insect problem we had
We were rockin in the shed just the other day
The roof caved in -- it just gave way and there we were
With 250,000 angry yellowjackets
Well I shoulda called Terminix before
When there were only 3 or 4
Well we were running around inside the room
And we didn't see any way out of our doom and our gloom
Because they were stinging us to death
But we're gonna keep on rockin' till our very last breath
Well we'll even come back from the dead
Just to rock and sock and kick you in your head
Because our music's never gonna go away until we get heard
You can't even kill us because we're on the Internet like nerds
250,000 angry yellow jackets
Are clinging to my skin and they're diggin in
Well they're gonna be the death of me
But that's OK because wine and women and song were gonna be
And maybe the world will be better off without us
But I fail to see how that would exacly be
Because we're here to rock the socks off of the people of the earth
And they would be better off if they would listen to me
The right wing sucks
Eat your vegetables